Discussion: What Makes A Favourite Book?



I was thinking recently, what makes us label a book as a favourite? I have favourites that I’ve rated three stars. So why are they my favourites? Surely if I like them that much, they should have higher ratings?

Well, no, not really. Sometimes I add a book to my list of favourites because the series is my favourite and it just happened that one of the books was only a three-star. Sometimes, I am such a total fangirl over the author that I’ll add everything I’ve read by them to my favourites list, because the author is my favourite. Other times, the book itself is my favourite, but I didn’t think it was a well-written book.

Some people rate books by how good they are, some people rate books by their own personal enjoyment level, some people (like me), rate their books by both of those things.

I might give a four star rating to books like The Camelot Code where the book isn’t an amazingly written book, and it didn’t blow me away either, but I had a good time reading it. It was cheesey, yes, but it was also fun. It became a favourite because I had a good time reading it.

Then you have my five star ratings. These are books I adored completely, but again, it might be one of four things:

1. It was fantastically written.

2. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

3. The emotions it led me through were profound.

4. Two or more of the above.

I guess I don’t have a real reason for what makes a favourite book for me. It may even be a favourite purely because it was a part of my childhood.

I wish I had some other way of rating, although I imagine it would be hideously complicated. Unless I had a rating system such as (using my most recent read, A Heart Bent Out Of Shape as an example):

Quality of Writing: 5 out of 5

Enjoyment Level: 5 out of 5

Emotional Depth: 5 out of 5

Total: 15 out of 15 Strongest Point: Quality of Writing/Enjoyment Level/Emotional Depth

But I can’t do that on Goodreads… I wish I was able to say via a rating alone, this book is a favourite for fun, or for beautiful writing etc. I guess I’ll have to save this for my blog and my own knowledge.

What makes a favourite book for me? I like emotionally deep, fantastically written books; I also like the odd fun, silly, cheesey novel; and, I like fantasy and worldbuilding. I guess I’ll always have an eclectic collection of favourites! 🙂

What makes a book a favourite for you? Are you like me – do you look for numerous things in books; often in different places? How do you rate your books? Would you like to see my new ratings method on my reviews, or would you prefer a simple ?? out of 5 stars, like I’ve been doing so far?