Top Twenty Male Characters

In this post, I listed the top ten characters I’d want with me if I were stranded on an island. They were all female, so I thought I’d balance things out and share with you my favourite male characters.

The Wizard Section

1. Gandalf

2. Albus Dumbledore

3. Harry Potter

4. Rincewind

5. Merlin

So these ones are obvious. Harry will always be third, but I actually can’t really choose between Gandalf and Dumbledore for first place.  I think Gandalf just pips Dumbledore to the post though.

Other wizards I love: most of the Discworld wizards, Ron/Fred/George/Charlie/Bill/Arthur Weasley, Hagrid,  Saruman (I love to hate him, and he has nice hair), Professor Flitwick (the one from the books and the first film)… Rothen, Dannyl and Lorlen from Trudi Canavan’s books. Oh and the High Lord from those too, Akkarin.

The Fighter Section

1. Dimitri Belikov

2. Aragorn

3. Gimli

4. Gale

5. Finnick

Again, fairly obvious, but I love them! Dimitri is from Vampire Academy, Aragorn and Gimli are from Lord of the Rings, and Gale and Finnick are from the Hunger Games trilogy.

Other fighter types I love:  The Luggage (this may or may not be male, but I love him/her/it so am popping him/her/it on my list), Cery (Trudi Canavan), Eddy (Vampire Academy), Four (Divergent)…

The Philosopher Section


1. Pudge

2. Etienne St Clair

3. Cricket Bell

4. Will Grayson

5. Levi

One and four are John Green characters (the Will Grayson I’m talking about is the one who has a friend called Jane); two and three are Stephanie Perkins characters; five is a Rainbow Rowell character (from Fangirl).

Other philosopher types I love: Well Neville Longbottom I guess, he’s very profound at times; Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs (Infernal Devices), Gus from TFIOS; Bilbo Baggins; Sam Gamgee…

The I-Don’t-Know-Where-To-Put-You-But-I-Love-You-Anyway Section

1. Magnus Bane

2. Oskan

3. Peter Pan

4. Josh

5. Will Parry

Magnus is from Cassandra Clare’s books; Oskan is from the Icemark Chronicles (which is little known, but I highly recommend it), Josh is from the Dream Merchant (another highly recommended, little-known read), and Will is from His Dark Materials.

Other characters I love:  Tiny Cooper (John Green),  Seth (Wicked Lovely), Mariah Mundi (Mariah Mundi), Althalus (the Redemption of Althalus)

Who are some of your favourite male characters? 


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