Five Fictional Worlds I’d Like To Visit

Today, I thought I’d discuss which fictional worlds I would visit, if given the opportunity (and a guarantee I’d get home safely!). Here are my top five. You’ll notice Narnia and Lyra’s Oxford are missing, amongst others. There are so many books I’d climb into, given the opportunity. These are the five I’d want to visit most.

1. Hogwarts and Hogsmeade [Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling]

Because… Um… HONEYDUKES ANYONE?! Also Butterbeer. Just basically the food. I will arrive in the glorious world of Harry Potter and think of nothing but food. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

2.The Shire [The Middle Earth Universe by J.R.R.Tolkien]

Um… *shuffles feet* Food, yes? Feasts and parties and fireside stories? But mostly food. AND PRETTY COLOURED SMOKE RINGS THAT LOOK LIKE SHIPS AND DRAGONS AND OHMIGOSH THE AWESOMENESS!

3. The Faraway Tree [Enchanted Forest by Enid Blyton]

The Land of Goodies? The Land of Spells? The Land of Do What You Want? Heck, even the Land of Topsy Turvy would be a ton of fun! Also… Googlebuns and the toffee they have. Any time Enid Blyton mentions a meal in her books I get hungry!

4. Discworld [Discworld by Terry Pratchett]

Yes, I want to fly through space on the back of a giant turtle, make friends with the Luggage and the Librarian and throw a party with the Nac Mac Feegle!

5. Nicholas Flamel’s World [Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott]

Magic and immortals! Having a scent and a colour to your aura that people can see and smell. (I would have a purple aura and smell like Cadbury’s, or maybe coffee. And mythical beings and creatures! Gateways that take you across the world in an hour or two!

If you could visit anywhere in fiction, where would you go? Cassandra Clare’s New York perhaps? Or Holly Black’s Spiderwick? Maybe even Eoin Colfer’s fairy realms?


2 thoughts on “Five Fictional Worlds I’d Like To Visit

  1. I would love to visit Middle-earth also! It’s hard to pick one area…I’d probably go with Rohan. I would also like to explore Fairyland (of Catherynne M. Valente’s series) and the Inkworld of Cornelia Funke’s trilogy.

    • Rohan seems like it would be fun. More so than Gondor at the least! I’d have to put the Shire top of my list because of the food and the community. But Rohan would come in… Probably third, I guess. I’d head to Rivendell second. I haven’t read the other two books you mentioned yet, but both are on my TBR. You can’t go wrong with Fairyland, right? Unless it’s Melissa Marr’s kind of Faerie with a scary Queen. :p

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