Review: The Vampire’s Wolf by Jenna Kernan


“As a werewolf and a marine, he’s duty-bound to protect his enemy 

Brianna Vittori is running from vampires. After receiving a mysterious warning, Bri has no choice but to seek refuge with an enemy she never thought she’d run to: werewolves. They’re the only ones who can save her…if they don’t kill her first. 

As a werewolf, marine captain Travis MacConnelly should be immune to the deadly attraction of female vampires. But Bri ignites his most primal desires. When Mac realizes that his beautiful prisoner doesn’t even know what she is, it’s up to him to provide her with answers as well as protection. As the bond between them grows, so does the danger they’re in….”

Goodreads Description

Thanks to Goodreads and Jenna Kernan for the review copy (and the extra novel!) 🙂

The Vampire’s Wolf is a standalone novel due out today.

Well, wow! Jenna Kernan sure knows how to write tense action/fight/escape scenes!  I was on the edge of my seat towards the end of the novel. It’s well worth reading!

It is a paranormal romance, but there is so much more to The Vampire’s Wolf in terms of plot. This is why I, personally, wanted to keep reading. Romance is fine, but I always want more, which is why I don’t pick up much romance. I loved the situation with the Marines and Johnny’s situation.  That kept me very intrigued. Also, Jenna Kernan’s take on vampires was brilliant! It feels like vampires have been done to death in fiction lately, but this was entirely new. They were something really different. Not what I would call vampires myself, but that’s irrelevant; if you’re bored of vampires and want a new take on them, try this book.

It was refreshing to read a standalone in the paranormal genre, but there is a lot of scope for a sequel. I have a lot of questions about the world and the outcome of the events in the book. The author has built a world with so many possibilities!

For those of you who like romance and adult scenes, there is plenty of that in The Vampire’s Wolf. I didn’t find the romance believeable, but it grew on me by the end. It was a tad insta-lovey and a few things didn’t add up.

The characters were great, except for Bri (but she grew on me a little bit by the end).:

  • Mac was an awesome character. He felt very real and he wasn’t too much of a hero. He had faults; he had issues. I liked his loyalty and his sense of duty. He felt… natural. Sometimes I read a book and it’s like the character has been given a random set of traits but they don’t fit right with the character. Like, the author’s decided he’s going to be a hero, so he’s written as a hero but it feels forced? (Does that make sense? I can’t explain what I mean.) With Mac, I felt like he really did fit how he was being written. His actions made sense, his words made sense  etc. I really liked him, and it’s not often I like male characters.
  • Bri felt too much like a Mary-Sue to me, Way too perfect and I just wasn’t buying her “little girl lost” act at the beginning. Well that’s what it felt like to me. I didn’t see her as frightened and needy. I saw her as manipulative and immature. Any time she went through rough emotions I just didn’t buy it. I wanted to be scared with her, to cry with her… It just didn’t hit me that way. It all felt… like she was using emotions to get her man. That’s just how it came across to me.
  • Johnny was a sweetheart. I wanted to hug him all the time. I need to know more about him as a person, about his feelings, about what happens to him next… I want a Johnny novel!
  • Lewis was terrifying and I wanted to throw stuff at him in the last third of the novel.

Jenna Kernan has achieved a Shelf of Melanie impossible – she made me like the male characters. I’d love to read more about Johnny and Mac, minus Bri. I almost always love female characters and am not usually too bothered about the male ones. Except Magnus Bane and Simon from Cassandra Clare’s books (and obviously Harry Potter and Tolkien characters). With The Vampire’s Wolf, I was the other way round.

I would recommend this book for the non-romance side of the plot – the werewolves and vampires, the Marines doings etc.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars – Jenna Kernan is an awesome fight/escape/run scene writer.

(The extra novel Jenna sent me is Beauty’s Beast. I’ll be reviewing that soon. 🙂 )


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