Review: The Camelot Code by Mari Mancusi


“All fourteen-year-old gamer girl Sophie Sawyer wants to do is defeat Morgan Le Fay in her favorite Arthurian videogame. She has no idea the secret code sent via text message is actually a magical spell that will send her back in time to meet up with a real life King Arthur instead. 

Of course Arthur’s not king yet–he hasn’t pulled the sword from the stone–and he has no idea of his illustrious destiny. And when a twist of fate sends him forward in time–to modern day high school–history is suddenly in jeopardy. Even more so when Arthur Googles himself and realizes what lies in store for him if he returns to his own time–and decides he’d rather try out for the football team instead. 

Now Sophie and her best friend Stuart find themselves in a race against time–forced to use their 21st century wits to keep history on track, battle a real-life version of their favorite videogame villain, and get the once and future king back where he belongs. Or the world, as they know it, may no longer exist.” Goodreads Description


Thank you to NetGalley and NLA Digital LLC for the review copy! 🙂

The Camelot Code is technically part of a series, but all the books focus on different characters in different settings so they work as stand-alones as well. 

I had so much fun reading this book! The new takes on Merlin and Arthur were brilliant. There was plenty of cheese and cliches, but this is what made the book fun. I kept thinking of that scene from Open Season as I was reading. The one where Elliott has his first coffee and says, “This is terrible but wonderful all at the same time! It’s like freedom in a cup!” Yes, it was cheesey, but it really was a good read.

Sophie was brilliant too. She’s a gamer girl who’s so loyal to her best friend. I really liked her after the first few chapters. I loved how she grew in this book.

I also loved Merlin. I really liked the slightly different take on him. It’s well worth reading!

The writing was light and easy to get absorbed into very quickly. This book is perfect for hot days when you want something easy to sink into to. It’s very easy to get back into once you’ve put it down – I didn’t have to struggle to remember what was going on. The characters have stayed with me since I finished this and I find that I’m still thinking about it.

I loved the ending and I really hope that Sophie and the gang get their own series.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 – well worth a read


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