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I quite like novellas/short stories set in the same worlds as a series I love, but I wish they were easier to obtain in print, It really annoys me when things are only available in ebook form.

If I spend money on adding physical books to my shelves, I want all the books there are in that series or world, all lined up together. I wouldn’t mind waiting until there are three or four printed together in one book. I just want them printed eventually

But novellas are cool ways to explore my favourite fictional worlds a bit more. I’m getting tired of seeing authors use the same major characters though. I want new characters! (I’m so greedy!) I like stories about that one character that’s in one tiny scene but is still really interesting, too. Just any characters that don’t get enough “screen-time”.

Novellas I Wish There Were

1)    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll: The White Rabbit

I would love to see the White Rabbit’s stories – not about when Alice was there, but another time. Or the Hatter. Or the Cheshire Cat. Anyone really.

2)    Septimus Heap by Angie Sage: Lucy or the Boggart

I would love to read more from these two characters. Lucy in particular is a brilliant character, and she isn’t in the books nearly enough.

3)    Transparent and Blindsided by Natalie Whipple

I’d like to see novellas in this universe, but about other kids completely. I want to see more of this world – which abilities are common? Is invisibility the only really rare ability? What else is rare?

4)    H.I.V.E  by Mark Walden: Laura, Shelby and co.

I’d love to read about how the other characters got to school. We know why they’re there, but not how. It would be fun to read, especially Shelby – I bet she put up one heck of a fight! And I want to know about Laura’s friendship dramas too.

5)    W.A.R.P by Eoin Colfer: Otto Malarkey and the Rams

It would be fun to read about King Otto’s regular life! Novellas about the Rams would be cool!

6)    Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien: Eowyn and Arwen

What the heck were these two superb female characters doing the whole time? I’d LOVE to see Middle Earth from their point of view.

7)    Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

I know there’s a spin-off (Bloodlines; which I’m about to start reading at some point in the next few weeks), but I’d love a novella or two about that little Siberian community. Or from the point of view of a “blood whore”, just to see what they’re really like. They’re talked about more than often enough – I want more information about their view of the world. I also want more of Mia (is she in Bloodlines at all?) I want to see more Moroi magic as well. I’m not surprised Richelle Mead wrote a spin-off of VA to be honest, because there’s so much to explore in this world.

8)    Discworld by Terry Pratchett: The Wee Free Men

I want to see an entirely Nac Mac Feegle based story. No human allowed! Not even witches!

9)    Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie: Tiger Lily, Tinkerbell and Mermaid Lagoon

I know there are a fair amount of novels that are retellings of Peter Pan, including Tiger Lily versions, but I just wish there were actual novellas by J.M.Barrie following Tink and Tiger Lily. I also wish more had been done with Mermaid Lagoon.

10)   The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien: Radagast the Brown

I’d love to read more about Radagast the Brown, and also the other two wizards who are barely mentioned. The two blue wizards.

I don’t really read many novellas at the moment, because I haven’t yet got a kindle and I still much prefer print books. I will be getting a kindle shortly though so hopefully I will read more novellas then.

What are some of your favourites? Which would you like to see made available?


9 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Novellas/Short Stories

    • Me too. I love characters, and some authors are so good at making ALL their characters count. I just finished an Eoin Colfer novel and all the supporting characters are as solidly developed as the main ones. Then it makes you want to see the world through their eyes more.

  1. “Novellas I’d Like to See”, great idea! From The Hobbit, I would also like to read about resettling Erebor and Beorn’s activities, before, during or after the story. I agree that anything putting a secondary or minor character the spotlight would probably be an interesting read. I also like the idea of villain perspectives – one author I like has written a novella like that so I intend to check it out.

  2. What a freaking fabulous take on this topic! I love your ideas – the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter shorts would be AMAZING. I would also love to see shorts from the Harry Potter Universe – Albus and Aberforth growing up, maybe. Or the founding of Hogwarts (the original four houses). The Lily/James years. OH MAN.

    • Thanks! Ohmigosh, there is SO, MUCH. POTTERNESS that I want to see, that’s why it isn’t on my list. The Founding of Hogwarts is something I really want to see. But done by Rowling, not some other random author they drafted in. And the ghosts! I want more of the ghosts!

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