Review: Under A Blood Moon by Carrigan Richards


“Falling in love isn’t the only problem for Ava Hannigan. 

When seventeen-year-old Ava discovers that she can breathe underwater, she’s disappointed. She wanted to be normal and dreads the day of her initiation into one of the most powerful covens of Elemental Enchanters. She has fallen in love with a human, which is forbidden, but she has such a strong connection with Peter, the only other person who knows what it’s like to grow up motherless. 

Ava and her friends never expected to be caught up in the middle of a three-hundred-year-old war. Devon wants revenge against the humans for killing his master. Xavier, a ruthless witch, is building an army for Devon by spellbinding several students into becoming dark Enchanters. After Xavier realizes Ava and her friends are Elementals, Devon will stop at nothing to have their power. Xavier threatens Ava, attempting to coerce her to join them, but when she refuses, he kidnaps Peter. 

Ava must seek help from her coven to defeat Devon and accept her life as a witch in order to save Peter and protect the humans.” Goodreads Description


Thanks to Goodreads and Carrigan Richards for the review copy 🙂

I really wanted to like this book, but there were several things that really ruined it for me. However, the world the author built was brilliant. The way there are Enchanters with different powers etc and how they fitted in to society. It was a really awesome world. I gave the book two stars just for that.

I also liked how absorbed I was in the book. The author definitely has talent. If I can lose myself in your book and forget my own world, you’re doing something right!

The problems I had that prevented me giving the book a higher rating? Well firstly, there was one major thing that went on (I won’t say what because I like to keep my reviews spoiler free), that was never really addressed. A lot of the reason I finished the book was because I wanted things answered or explained, and this particular thing never was. It was too big a detail to not round up at the end.

Secondly, there were a fair few contradictions or rapid mind-changes going on. This really irritates me in fiction. One minute they were totally convinced that the one guy was involved in the goings-on somehow, then they gave that idea up (far too easily in my opinion), and within a few pages it was all back on again without even a reason why they jumped like that. There were no bridges between believing one thing, disbelieving it, and then believing it again.

The characters bugged me. I mean I hated most of them. Melissa was ok but she jumped around from being decent to being a mare and I never felt like I understood her or what she was really like. Ava, the main character was so dense it irritated me. She also took most of the book to stand on her two feet; she didn’t ask questions about things that you would almost certainly query before getting too involved in. She just… Went along with everything. I just got frustrated with her.

I also didn’t feel that the title or the cover fit the book that well, and the synopsis told me way too much.

The villain of the piece was too obvious and this just led to me being really frustrated when they kept disregarding him.

All in all, I’d say that it is worth a read just for the world. It’s a shame that the story placed in the world didn’t work too well.

My Rating: 2 out of 5 ; Worth a try.


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